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Friday, July 30, 2004

i guess i won't be needing my car bong for work tomorrow.

sadly i am out of pot.

yes, it's true. i am feverishly trying to get this paper clip straightened out, so i can use it to free the precious resin from the insides of my smoking devices.

sure it tastes like a burning rubber band, but hey... you catch a fifteen second buzz! well not even a buzz... more of a mild head change. but still!

and resin's so damn messy. it gets all over your hands and shit, and it reeks, and doesn't wash off very easily. whata hasselhof.

i used to scrape the resin out of my friends pipes and import it to my house, because i was a ghetto scavenger like that back then. ("back then" read as "two months ago")

and now as i look at this perfectly bent paper clip, i think how its been SO Long since i had to sink to such highschoolerish lows as scraping resin.

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