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Monday, July 19, 2004

funny how there can be a world of difference between a massage PARLOR and a massage place.

full release being the major one i spose.

so anyways, i told my mom in my most desperate of of tones that my body was falling apart, and that i wondered if she had any advice. and that's when she brought up the idea of a massage, and seeing if perhaps that did anything, because she said that chiropracters were too unreliable, and that accupuncture was too expensive.

well i told her, that i was not really down for a massage. that i was too weirded out by the potential of a dude doing it, or if a girl did it... what if i got a chubby?

my mom tried to convince me i was being lame, and stuff. but she eventually said she understood.

well i have good news my friends. my tuff-love mother has decided to break loose from her pattern, and pay for me to get accupunture. SCORE!!!

that's good because i am starting to get really sick of the smell of icey hot. my t shirts all reek of it.

in the meantime it's bottoms up to anything that relieves pain. tonight it's advil liqui-gel cap buffet... with a sprinkling of flexall454...

muscle68 and gina and of coarse kidgod

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