Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, July 16, 2004

firstly, screw you blogger. you fucking change shit up too much. just simmer the fuck down already. i just want to log in, type my shit, and have it look like how it always looks when i am in here... typying my shit. don't fucking distract me. i have nil attetnion span. and zero patience.

secondly, fuck swimming, cuz i know there's gonna be all the day time pool players down there. also known as the oldest people you have ever seen with your own two eyes. yes it's true. and they're all out there, man, just fucking laying around, turning the hot tub into old people soup.

anti don't play that. BOP

so fucking a, mann. i guess i'm just gonna be fucking annoyed, and crack my knuckles, and start drinking early... like NOW... cuz the the more you drink, the less you think...

please go die. please die slow.

i think i'm frustrated with the things i am powerless to change.

and it's not that i'm powerless...

but i mean why does your brain play that evil trick on you? why does it act like, "oh well, in a perfect world things would be like this, and be like that."???? because things aren't like this or like that, and this IS NOT a perfect world, and everyone's just sitting here saying, "yah whata bummer, now let's watch some MTV..." when the problem is still there, can still be fixed or changed or...

i derno man. it's all about taking risks in life. nothing ventured nothing gained type shit. and if you believe that i believe, then you know that the only way yer gonna get what you want in the end, is to go after it, and fucking take it. it's yours.

and what's mine? what's anti got comin to him???

that's for me to know, and the world to find the fuck out.

and this car insurance guy is on my LAST nerve/

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