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Sunday, July 11, 2004

do you run very much? i am running all damned day.

it's not that i'm out jogging, or running for my fucking health. i am the epitome of poor health.

i run because walking is annoyingly slow to me. i mean Pshhh.... why don't i fucking crawwwwl while i'm at it.

the bummer thing is, the people i'm usually with aren't down to "run to the car" so i walk with them because there's no point in getting my ass to the car first so i can sit there and wait on them. i walk with them, and it's no big deal...

i have my skateboard with me at all times, and that is helping me not have to run... i just skate. but FUCK WALKING. i feel like i'm wasting time when i walk.

so yah, i'd write more, but i have to run to the bathroom real quick...

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