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Friday, July 16, 2004

cut your nose off to spite your face.

i had never heard that phrase until a few weeks ago when big tanky used it to describe a friend of ours behaviour.

so i guess what i have figured it out to mean is that the person is having a bitch of a time, so they make themself more miserable on porpose, sorta so they can wallow in it.

i know i've been guilty of that. and sometimes you just have to do it that way because then you hit the bottom of your pity party, the rock bottom sorta-ish, and you have no choice but to either get over it, or commit a grandiose suicide off the 105/110 carpool lane interchange. (wich if yer nto a LA local, is like where this one guy blew up his car and blew his head off witha shotgun live on the news.)

is making bold life changing choices scary? hell fucking yes. but it's a fact of life that you can't escape. sad but true.

in that perfect world that we are all too painfully aware doesn't exist.... things would never change. i'd still live with my happily married parents, my credit un-fucked-with by my dad, and being 25 would last the rest of my life.

but shit happens. and friends, apartments, jobs, girlfriends, money, skateboards, cars, lifestyles, routines of habbit... it's all up in the air and abotu to fucking be flipped on you. never feel "comfortable" because nothing stays the same. that's what you can take to the fucking bank.

it's like a what doesn't kill you makes you stronger type thing.

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