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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

what IS boyfriend material anyways? and should i be glad that i'm not it??

is it living paycheck to paycheck, and occationally getting so broke you have to beg strangers from the innernet to paypal you? (thanks btw, to all those nice donation ppl)

are you boyfriend material if you sit in your house all day so stoned you lack the motivation to keep up with proper hygene?

know what makes a bad girlfriend? lotsa things.

every once in a while i'll meet a chick who wants to "whip me into shape" and correct all those little things i do that she thinks are fucking irritating.

well what she is too naive to realize is, i am me. MEEE. i gotta be me. that's all i know how to be.

so take me or leave me, and hopefully you leave, cuz who the fuck are you to try and change me.

to be a real man is to be cold and cut-throat when you need to be, and prolly not a lot of girls have what it takes to turn it off at the end like us boys do. it's part of the boys-don't-cry shit that's built into our brains i think.

fast times, money spent like water, and infinite meaningless encounters with random girls you know nothing about. ahhh the american dream, right? mebbe.

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