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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

this is my earth, my turff.

i've found myself extremely irritable lately, like... that's just so not me. im mr. mellow-pants.

anyways having the 4th of july weekend off work, and being able to be a drunken soldier on a piece of wood and four polyurethane wheels... that might ease up my attittude.

july fourth on the hermosa beach strand used to be cooler, though.

i heard you can't even walk down the strand with a 40 and a blunt no more. how unamerican.

i'll find a way.

i'm really too strung out from 4 days of non stop sign jobbing to think properly. i'll feel better tomorrow after i skate and cash my small fortune of a pay check.

i have this new weird habbit too that i have picked up from the sign job. see... i spend so much time in these shit hole towns with nothing to offer that i end up just loitering at 7-11 or at jack in the box. so anyways, when i am off work, if i space out for a second, the next thing i know i'm in a drive through for taco bell... and of coarse i feel dumb, so i order something, usually just a pop or maybe a water.

i'm gonna chainsmoke in my bed, even though that is a fire hazzard, cuz i'm wreckless, and i do it every night anyways.

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