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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

telemarketers are an evil bunch. i mean, who do they think they are?

they think they call at "a decent hour" they think they aren't totally invading my private space and time.

like for instance, when you hear an ad on TV or the Radio, well it was your choice to tune in, and therefore your choice to view the ads... AND AT ANY POINT YOU CAN TURN off THE TV OR RADIO, AND THE ADS WILL NOT DISTURB YOU. oops, sorry... cap locks...

but these pricks with their little telephones, and MY NUMBER on their little list.. they take away my choice. they trick me. and i fucking hate them for it.

listen to my man Jimmy fuck with them. you'll love it.

anyways, i think if these guys were to knock on my door, they'd better be ready to run, cuz i will chase them down, and beat them senseless if they tried that. and what makes calling my house and LEAVING ME VOICEMAILS, think it's any less punishable?

i think i hate telemarketers more than i hate cops.

telemarketers are why i used to answer the phone, "Bueno!", because most of those tele-assholes don't know spanish, and it was an easy way to get them off my jock. (pre-caller ID days, of coarse)

my crazy sister carri, she loves telemarketers. she swithces her long distance company like once a month, and collects tons of coolio deals and offers they give away, like an AM/FM radio, or a free ball point pen. she trips me out though, cuz how does she not go mental when they call her while she's watching a tv show, or eating, or making out with her husband.

there's some "do not call list" allegedly, and that was sposed to make it so they never called and bugged you, but they still do. i had a friend say, "oh word up, just say 'i'm on the do not call list' and they hang up faster than speedy gonazalez"
but fuck that. i don't want the phone to ring in the first place. ringing phones are the devil.

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