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Monday, June 21, 2004

so whitey and i are getting on the 101 freeway west from the 405 south, and we see this crazy awesome thing in the distance. i think i remember it from that movie "thrashin", but either way we need to get to it, so we can skate it, like immediately.

then i got to my bank. i have major problems with banks. first this guy cuts in line in front of me, and is an asshole about it.

"dude, you just cut in front of me in line..."

"um, you were over there... Duuuuude"

well fuck that guy, i tried to just be the better person, even though i was tempted to get in my car and follow him to his house and have whitey and i beat the shit out of him with our 3 pound mallets.

but no i just stood there, casting a madam cleo style gyspy-spell on his head.

but then the teller wants to put a one day hold on my check, and i got so motherfucking-pissed my hand was shaking as i snatched the check out of his hand and told him to fuck off. and said, "praise allah" when i got to my car and smoked the buddha. i think i fucking hate hawthorne savings. i want this bank. i wish i could just get payed in cash, like my signwalkers.

so now i just drove OUT OF MY WAYYYYY to valley to try and "get to my bank before it closes" and they fucking screw me.

i hate money.

so i'm gonna go skating tonight. nothing like losing your mind gliding 3 inches off the ground down the steepest hill you can find. i haven't fallen in a while, i think i'm due.

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