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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

so i had to pull teeth to get him to come over, but my friend dave is on his way over for bong hits.

i guess that means his girlfriend isn't on gaurd. she thinks i am satan hisself.

i don't really understand why though. SHE says it's cuz everytime i have ever come over to their house i had a different girl with me, and that when i have been out with them, i'll do stupid shit like try and get dave to check out the hot chick i noticed walking on the street.

you can't get mad at a dog for barking, right? it's what dogs do. so then why get mad at ME for being a man.

shit... i gotta be me.

sometimes i wonder if she hates me because i make not having a girlfriend look a lot cooler than having one. but shit, that's not ME doing that. single life just looks greener than the grass on YOUR side of the fence.

well anyways, i think this is the first time that my friend i've had since highschool, and who literally lives within 5 minutes walking distance, are gonna hang out in the year 2004.

anyways, i think dave's girlfriend is nice. i think she's a little overly jealous, and perhaps, blames me for things that are either not my fault or totally innocent. but... she means well.

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