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Monday, June 21, 2004

si this is the second time el centro somehow consumed a signwalker.

the last time it was hector. he disapeared from his spot, and the people who drove him there from 3 hours away had to leave without him.

well this time we KNOW the cops gots steve, it's just a bummer that suzie and cesar had to leave hell centro w/out him.

i put steve to work, and noticed withing seconds that he had lost his mind. i've seen crazy people before, and this guy had lost it.

he was already replaced and everything, and then i guess, he hitchhiked over to where cesar was signwalking... well cesar is a good worker, and knew i'd fire him AND suzie if this steve guy fucked things up, so he called the cops, and they came and picked up steve, but for some reason they let him loose down by the k-mart. that's where suzie could keep an eye on him, sorta, and make sure he wasn't going anywhere near the sale.

well i guess steve couldn't resist being a totally scary psychopath, and ran up on a car with a family inside, and was frantically grabbing at the door to get in, and screaming about being in the water.

it WAS like 106 degrees (F), so i undersatnd the water thing....

but either way the cops were pissed when they picked him up again, and now i wonder how likely steve will get befriended by the el centro blue tarp posse.

btw, i'm home.

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