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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

people come up to me, and they say, "hey fella, why you so mad?"

here's the thing, i'm not fucking mad, i'm fucking hysterically pissed off.

so there i was, sitting in my piece-of-shit-el-centro-hotel-room when my cousin caroline from chicago calls me in the middle of the night, DRUNK off her ass, to tell me that she saw my dad the previous day.

and taht it was weird, and uncomfortable. and that my dad was prying. digging for goods on me. goods on me that i SPECIFICALLY ASK ALL MY FAMILY not to reveal to him. cuz he lost the right.

well she said she was getting asked what i loooook like, what my hair is like, what kinda person am i.... HAH!

if he only knew i have this little soap box to stand up, and spread the news, and the news is FUCK YOU DAD, cuz old news is new news when you want it to be.

and my OTHER cousin mike, he told my dad straight up, "anti's pissed. he feels like you fucked him over, and he doesn't want shit to do with you till you fix that shit."

so my ada starts in with his usual business lingo or pass-the-buck tactics--
but mike is a business owner now. mike knows NOW more than ever how business ownership mean ultimate responsibility for what goes down.

and ok LET"S PLAY PRETEND FOR A SECOND PEEEEEEEEEOPLE: let's pretend my dad's accountant who he had for over 25 years "accidentally" mixed up myyyy social security number with my dad's... and let's PRE-fucking-TEND that my dad didn't notice the slip up when he signed under my name (the same name as his) and in effect stole my identity. let's preeeeeetrend it was all nice and fun-n-games and "oops we made a boo boo"

that's STILLLL his fucking company and i'm still his "son" (notice the quote marks on that little bitch of a word), so why would he hang me out to dry??? and now that he allegedy "needs" his family at this, this time of urgency in his life... and allegedly finds out how to fix things with me (although he knew how the whole time), and still....

he'd rather hassle caroline to find out what my hair style might be like.

what a human turd.

my dad had his last chance to see me a few years ago, and he WILL die without me ever saying good bye or any of that shit, and that's fine with me.

i said good bye a long time ago.

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