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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

ok so i had to buy a new glass bowl, a task i have to do from time to time.

but this time i went a little fancier, and bought a colored pyrex style one. it's red, and when you pack the bud inside, it looks all christmassy.

but here's my thing, what's with people tripping out on my ID. i know i have a baby face, and look and dress young, and can be mistakenly thought to be a lot younger than my actual age of 25.

but stop it with the, "this ID is a fake" crap, cuz i just want what i am legally entitled to buy. and today it was a new bowl for my fucking bong.

but the guy was cool, and hooked me up with a bowl that was made by an "apprentice" (aka rookie) and therefore only cost me ten bones.

ok lemme giver a test run...

ok i think it works good. tra la la, i'm stoned. what was i talking about? who cares...

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