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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

my shoulder is all FUCKED UP again, i can't seem to get a good night's sleep, and my stomach pangs with hunger. i think i even have to take a dump.

my house is a fucking gross pig stye... and my moood is fuck you, fuck the world, and most importantly fuck people who read blogs. yes you.

see? people suck. i hate all of them. i hate the one's who ask stupid questions. i hate the one's who think they're better than me. i hate the people that are fat and/or ugly. and i think i wanna KILLL anyone in my way at a mall or like... even the fucking grocery store.

everyone sucks because they are self centered little dirty dogs smelling their own ass all day. they think they are the bright shiny center of the universe and that we're all in orbit around them.

know what happens when a person sees someone who needs help and they know they can help that person out??? well tuff shit for the guy-in-need, he's fucked, cuz the person who can help is on his way to starbucks, and fuck that... you don't fuck with a man's latte schedule.

i want to get in my truck, get on the busiest freeway i can find, and just start ramming EVERYONE. god that would feel so great. the dumber you look, the harder i smack my half ton pick up into you passenger side door, you empty skulled bringer of frustration.

i think i need to live unabomber style in the forest for a while. someplace where i don't have to drive up next to someone in my truck, honk my horn to get their attention, and give them the "hang up your stupid-fucking-cell-phone and DRIVE" hand gestures.
(wich consists of making a fist, and then extending your thumb and pinky and putting it to your ear, and then acting like you are hanging up a phone, and then make steering gestures with the same hand.)

have you ever been waiting for an elevator, and the down arrow is lit up, and some person walks up and pushes it again. do they think it's gonna make it go faster? or are they just totally up their own ass? why can't you just walk around tazering people?

if you leave me a comment today, and it's not funny... then i now hate you the most.

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