Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

my friendster testimonials.

Kendell, 05/22/2004:
stone cold fox

Shaun, 05/06/2004:
i owe this guy a ton for bailing me out at the bookies. somehow he convinced them a 12 of the champagne of beers would suffice. and what testimonial would be complet without shameless self promotion?

Kenneth, 05/05/2004:
anti is ok.

FinalGirl, 04/09/2004:
Anti is like what happens when you start off thinking you're going to have a really good night cause your homie has VIP passes to some really hot nightclub? But then the VIP line is even too goddamn long so you decide to have drinks around the corner and it turns out that Mike Patton and Mos Def are performing at a venue with max capacity set at like 75 so you elbow your way up front and the hypeman for the whole event passes you a blunt and at the end of the night you get like totally laid by the hot bartender who gave you a free shot. The bartender tells you your fortune before cooking you breakfast, cleaning your kitchen and leaving. If that night was a person? It'd be Anti.

Jen, 04/05/2004:
Anti writes about things I know nothing about, so I consider him an educational resource. He called me the most useful of all the Transformers! The finest compliment I've ever received from a stranger who is, in fact, nicer than I thought. I'm pro-Anti, who's with me?

Rosina, 03/30/2004:
Anti is king in his own little world... but it's a place i like to visit from time to time. he's got a method for the madness.

Rn, 02/27/2004:
Anti is one of those guys you'll see on the milk carton one day and be like "Dang! That boy is the shiznit!" - well.. the ladies would say that, and weep for missed Anti hours of pleasure, lust and junk like that. This man here is bullet proof when it comes to insults, and he'll crack you up. Funny guy. *tears* I'm going back to my oat meal now.

Jack, 02/11/2004:
So I found this thousand dollar bill, right... and I'm playing with it... and Anti is like "Hey man, can i see that for a sec..." and starts grabbing at it... so I'm like "See it with your eyes, not with your hands maaaaan...", and Anti starts going on about "Cmoonnnn just let me hold it for a sec..." And his deceptivly honest face makes me give in... so I hand it to him. Then I say "Now give it back..." and he look sat me, casually lights up his cigar and says... "Give what back?"

Bunny, 01/27/2004:
Anti is the hottest sex I've never had.

Meg, 12/29/2003:
disarmingly, and charmingly, non- pretentious. listened to me prattle on drunkenly the first time we hung out; when i passed out, he covered me w/a blanket. i can only hope the gap in my teeth is as fetching as his.

FinalGirl, 12/10/2003:
i told this cat i thought he was sexy once. know what he said back? not a goddamned thing. my god i haven't seen chillin like that since max julien in "the mack". cooler than ice cubes and ready with realism. plus he looks a bit like the keanu. ummm. yum.

Ryan, 12/09/2003:
I'd make out with him in probably under 6 seconds. As long as that didn't make me gay.

Katie, 11/07/2003:
anti has the best online manners of anyone Ive ever met. online. its 1 am and IM watching growing pains, i'd like to think anti would watch it with me and we could compare carol seever to kimmy gibbler. and then toast to the fat white kid on the cosby show.

Andrea, 09/10/2003:
Hi. Anti eats doo doo and drinks pee.

Bernie Lomax, 08/07/2003:
about the only kid i've bumped into that as laid back as myself. keep up the good work bro, or lack there of. although he blogs far too much for my own personal tastes, he cracks me up with the shit he writes. so knock one back for big bad anti or choke one or smoke one... whatever. audi5000

Katrin, 08/07/2003:
Anti er sætur og skemmtilegur:)

Whitey, 08/04/2003:
johnny, lets dive across country non stop and sell the car to party. sounds good well than ill meet you in new orleans next tuesday(12th). ill be hanging from a light won't be able to miss it. my car will be sold by then

John, 08/03/2003:
Though I've only known Anti just under a year, I'ts long enough to know Anti's a super cool person to have as a friend. He can tell ya like it is, then turn around and have you laughing your ass off. But one thing's for sure, when times turn to shit you can count on him to be there.

Raymi, 08/03/2003:
anti is my chico latino and everybody must acknowledge this. one time he took off all his clothes at my dad's place and just like, stood there and i was all like dude you might want to put those back on but he didnt and then he laughed at me. no one else was around to see him but the cat. meow meow. anti's cute as hell, with or without his mullet.

Jamie, 08/02/2003:
Anti's a cool guy to have as a friend as long as you don't mind all of the girls you know asking about him all the time and telling you how hot he is and shit. And you also better be ready to get your ass kicked royally in the mini-golf department. But it's all worth it because he'll make you laugh like a motherfucker. Can I say motherfucker on this thing? I think so, I mean, I just did...Motherfucker.

Percocet Pete, 07/31/2003:
John-John is a fucking prince. The kid is ridiculously zen, drives a nice truck, and has a big camera....HE is the nigga that I would trust with my wallet, my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's wallet. Straight up, dude has heart the size of Toronto, and for all I've seen him do, you would be mega-lucky to have him as yer friend. Man, IF & when i get this money, you know yer lettin kme sleep on yer couch and chauffering me around LA. Stay Black.

Stephanie, 07/31/2003:
Anti has been a close comrade for some time now. He has been there for the ups; for the downs. We have laughed; we have cried. We have tried to stay away from the cyanide (but you know how it is....). ANYHOW - he beats off a lot, but i still love him. LIKE A BROTHER!!!!!

Martin, 07/31/2003:
John is pretty cool. If you ever want to get in trouble, lost, migrate outta town suddonly, or just wanna get really loaded... Drop Dicey John a line. If he can't help you personally, SOMEONE WILL!

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