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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

my crazy cousin

i sweat so much, i'm saltier than a french fry from mickey-Dee's

you know life is good when you hit the sepulveda pass on the 405, and suddenly you find out that the freebird solo just started on the classic rock station. pedal. to the. metal.

imma innovator, i have my own style, i have no concept of kilometers, ask me about a mile.

that's not a freeway, silly reader, that's a race track with slow moving vehicles as "obstacles" and i'm gonna win the race. oh and fuck you cars in the fast lane that are going slow, who died and made YOU the speed monitor?

there's this fancy art museum called the John Paul Getty Center right there. and when raymi was in LA, and we drove past that shit, i said, "hey check it out, that's the getty center" but she didn't hear me right, and thought i said "the betty center" wich she interpreted as "the betty ford clinic" and then she thought i was threatening to take her there. she was wrong.

aiight, i gotta go get busy, and brush this dirt of mah shouldahs.

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