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Thursday, June 17, 2004

i type this with my hair wet, and only my pants on.

i have minutes left before i drive like a maniac outta town. i just got off the phone with whitey, he's in AZ already, and trev-dawg said he'd hit up whitey's cell phone, and sssssstuff, cuz whtitey's an out of towner. no i won't take it personal that all the AZ bloggers snub me when i go to their town, but then again. i ain't no whitey.

whitey and i already decided that cuz we're both lone wolves this weekend, we will communicate via cell phone to each other as often as possible. we are eachother's sanity clause.

today was a sad day too, cuz i had to see a friend suffer, and be able to do little to nothing to help. it's big t, and her tooth is giving her grief, but the poor thing has no dental insurance, and no $$$.

we tried going to harbor UCLA, the free/cheap hospital, cuz she was gonna just get the tooth yoinked outta her head. and they sent us someplace else.

so in the meantime i called my mom, who thinks bigT is just delightful, and she kicked down the pain pills.

after that bigT was just a looped-out little ball on the living room floor. i betcha she's still righhhht there. good luck with the ghetto-dentists tomorrow, bigtanky.

this is my last chance to blog until i return, but i am very excited about this brand new yellow spiral notebook i found on the street... just sitting there, waiting to be filled up.

so now i have a place to journal all weekend, and pen and paper journals are always the coolest the end.

my truck smells like a rotten chicken-fried-steak that i forgot was in there from last week. seriously, you'd think something died in there... YA I CAN"T WAIT TO SPEND ALLLLLL FUCKING WEEKEND IN THERE

i'm stopping at the head shop before i skip town to grab insence, fuck this.

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