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Monday, June 21, 2004

i love driving west into the sun during sunset.

sure.... who doesn't love giving themselves a headache, because they can't see through the fucking bugs and dust and dirt and shit? everyone LOVES that shit.

and of coarse you have to add the extra bonus of going through a windy piece of shit mountain range that makes it so you can't just hold still and get the sun in that one safe spot behind the visor. sometimes iiiiiit's behind the visor, sometimes it's in your face, sometimes it's in between the visor and the mirror and you can't move your head out of the way in time and you claw out your eyes screaming totally unaware that your car is coasting into the large 18 wheel big rig truck in the lane next to you.

i don't believe in god. but i would pretend to if i got a job close to home. i'm still strung out from driving.

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