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Thursday, June 24, 2004

i like going to Plan B. usually whatever plan A was.... was shitty anyways.

so plan B is instead of one easy breezey job in Los Angeles, i get TWO easy breezey jobs in LA. and walk away with a small fortune.

so i got my truck loaded to capacity with cora-plast signs, i got my pubes trimmed down, and i have on clean socks.

i think i'll be making more than twice what i'd be pulling in hell centro, and with 100% less hell. i mean, i'll still be done with work tomorrow night reletively early. early enough to at least hassle strangers at the local bar.

whitey's heade back to phoenix. and he told me this story abotu last weekend...

it turns out him and i are totally banned from the red roof inn on 51st and Mcdowell.

whitey walked in, and tried to get a room, and they told him that he had to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY, and then got mad at him for "not walking straight out the drive way" and sent security to follow him to his truck, and make sure he left.

dude, hwat'd we do?! i can only think of two possible things... the weed (cuz AZ has crazy weed laws, six weeks jail time for a tiny amount), or the crazy insence burner contraption thingy i made (fire hazzard).

i love being banned.

this dude has my back

so jaimie has this friend named reflex, or rolex, or rolladex, whatever...

anyways, jamie was saying this is just some normal non-blogger friend of his, who reads his site from time to time, and jamie was telling him about his trip to San Fran, and then down to Los Angeles to visit me.

an anyways, i was totally flattered that jamie's buddy's reaction was, "OH SHIT! you're gonan have SO MUCH fun!!" because... what the fuck, i can think of far worse things said behind my back.

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