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Thursday, June 24, 2004

i keep trying to smoke a cigarette, but,

i wanna smoke it right after my bong hit, but,

i am so high that YES i still want to smoke a cigarette, but,

i just forget...
to light a butt.

so here's goes one more. *taking bong hit*

fuck it let's make it two... *takes another*

now i have the recessed filter of a parliament light hanging in my mouth, and the keyboard is making that clikity clackity i find so soothing. and i want to brag to the world about how good i got it this weekend.

no el centro, no arizona, in fact... i have the closest job in the whole sign company.

South LA formerly known as South Central, and i'll be done with work, driving home listening to tom leykis prolly by 3 or 4pm. a sign guys wet dream.

not to mention i barely have to lift a finger on saturday, and sunday i only work in the evening.

my sakteboard is treating me well, and my legs are completely broken back in. all the rust has shaken off my bones. hopefully whitey and i have time to bomb marine and sepulveda before he takes off to arizona tomorrow.

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the backyard

i like george carlin has spent his life pondering such things as "why do they call toilet paper 'bathroom tissue' on tv commercials?". i once saw him live at the bally's in vegas. he's also cool for being in the bill and ted's movies.

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