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Thursday, June 17, 2004

dear los angeles,

helllllo city i was born and raised in. i have to leave you for a weekend. i'm headed to the border of california, a town called hell centro.

and lemme tell ya, los angeles, it's got nothing on you. the ONE pithy freeway they have only has two lanes in either direction. TWO! there's parts of the 405, and 110 freeways where you have 7 fucking lanes in one direction. i think you can tell a lot about how many lanes a town's freeway has. 2 or less = butthole-ville.

but i don't need to stroak YOUR ego, oh city that i adore. el centro even plays your tv chanels. it's too small to have it's own thing, so i get the weather and news from ABC LA, CBS LA, and NBC LA local news broadcasts in my hotel room. makes me homesick. sorta.

why can't el centro be more el centralized to where *I* live?. it's like... the el centro of what?

well, don't let the weather be so nice that i have to be jealous while i'm away (cuz el centro will be desert devil winds, ORRR heat from hell) and take care of my friends, show them why LA is so top notch.

your friend,

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