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Monday, June 21, 2004

ahhhh... to be young dumb and careless in your native land. america can get on it's knees and play me like a saxamaphone.

and it usually does.

i come from a family that taught the virtue of having your shit in someone else's name, and how being invisible to the government (aka, having no paper trail) is the most ideal way to conduct business.

steet smarts outweighs college degrees tenfold, cuz all my college losers friends with degrees got no job. all college taught them was how to put a million wutang posters on their walls and and smoke weed and play guitar. but i knew how to do that anyways, so fuck college.

i say play by your own rules, and get away with anything you can. i got a package from canada waiting for me at the redondo beach post office. i am realllly hoping for contraband. is there any?

i reject reality, and substitute it with my own.

imagine how awesome life can be when you are the bright shining center of the universe, and everything wrong in your life is "their" fault.

i'm kinda impressed that this one dude is gonna go solo to panama. i think i read some place that he put's the "anal" in the panama canal. but anyways, i've traveld a few places all by myself, and i think it totally kicks ass. compromises are for pussies.

angelina and jamie and me

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