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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, May 28, 2004

whiteys cutting his hair in my bathroom and we're sorta drunk, well HE is for sure, i've been going light.

i just bought marlboro blend no.27's. buy 2 get one free.

i just ate a donut from 7-11 and washed it down with a coffee drink starbucks in a bottle thingy.

and what's with pretentious art-fags who over analyze shit, but really they take themselves too serious and can't wrap their head around how fucking hipster wannabe they are?

just throwing that out there... any takers?

anyways, i shaved my pithy scruff into a sorta goatee thingy, and i'm gonna rock it all weekend, soo how it looks monday. i wish i could grow my beard out, but i never make it past the the length where it's a million face hairs stabbing me like daggers to the phase where it doesn't stab me.

ok whitey's done with his haircut and he looks ridiculous. that's what he gets for giving it to himself. this weekend is gonna RULE.

and some dude emailed me asking me to turn on my site feed. so i did... i think...
but what IS a site feed? am i, like, retarded? someone go off in intimate detail RE: site feeds in my comments please. thanks.

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