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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

tony pierce is having blog issuse so here's the news you need to know:

9PM sharp.

i wanna go cuz tony said he'd buy me a beer. and tony told me that on AIM, and he only lies on his blog. so i might really get one if i go!!!!

i got this comment today:this probably doesn't even warrant comment, but...

first of all, Hallie Salassie was not a rastafarian, though rastafari grew largely in part of mythology surrounding him (another name for him is Ras Tafari)

second, for shit's sake, look at what rastafarianism did for jamacians & black people the world over! it was instrumental in changing black consciousness as to make it more race-affirming than race denying - no more wishing for lighter skin, no more straightening the hair, new vocabularies of empowerment... the religion did a fuck of a lot in the way of social change (as well as personal feelings of happiness & shit like that among rastafarians).

now, nothing against the band - i havent listened to them at all - but that view of religion is the simple sort of shit held by 14 year olds. i share a similar distaste for convention & institutions & all that - but if you look at it from the right angles, religion at its core is anarchist and anti-institutional
Anonymous | 05.12.04 - 2:07 pm | #

in regards to me posting song lyrics from some ska/punk band. that guy is a total idiot.

and for the record i still scream it loud and proud: FUCK RELIGION.

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