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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

there's always that one person, man. that one motherfucker who you hate, but can't seem to get rid of. maybe to some people I'M that motherfucker.... but i doubt it.

i base it all on my first gut reaction to seeing someone when i walk into a room. is my very first thought, "oh, right on, it's great to see so-and-so" ORRRRRR am i like, "ugh, it's THAT fucking person. now i am less happy than i was two seconds ago." ?????

the list of people that make me say "ugh" is so short:
andy weiss
dave's girlfriend cindy
allison mossberg
john glass
mark mcnally
and austin nagl;er

my life has been tailored in such a way that i never have run ins with any of those people, cuz cutting the drama outta your life is priceless.

that picture was taken the day i made syvlie cry, cuz she was trying to invite herself over to my house, and i didn't fall for her shitty little damsel in distress routine. the true damsels in distress were MY two home gurrrls who were trying to get rid of sylvie as nicely as they knew how. wich wasn't working.

and for the record i didn't TRY to make her cry, she's a drama queen and literally she's an actress and always trying to get you to "see her star in her play" at the local junior college, and she turned on the tears cuz that's what usually works for her. helps her get her own way.

so we went back to my apartment, and someone took that picture in mid rant about, "how could she be that oblivious, she's GOTTA know she's buggin..."

and i think it's a funny picture.

my answering machine, rip off of tony pierce.

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