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Sunday, May 09, 2004

so my sister told me that when we still lived in hollywood, and i was like 6 years old, her and i had a fight in the kitchen about... well she didn't remember what it was about. something stupid.

but i guess the fight ended with me telling her that i was gonna kill her.

she said, "you can't kill me, anti, i'm bigger than you..."

so i replied, "oh yah? i'll kill you in your sleep."

so i find out all these years later that she took that shit to heart. she was scurred to sleep at night, and had nightmares about me ambushing her with a kitchen knife. she said she would think she was hearing me go downstairs for a knife and pop out of her room and there'd be nothing.

i just like to finding out they didn't think everything i ever said was total bullshit

even though it was.

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