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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

so i got back from sittinjg in the sun at hsjarkeys, and we were drinking margaritsas, anmd now i wanna take a dip in my pool surrounded by palm trees, cuz it;s a lovely day here in so cal, and like, i'm a lucky mother fucker for being here., yes be jealous. i'd be,.

and like happiness, and a drama free life are priceless, and people just don;t know how to do it. you just live yor shit by you rheart. were it on your sleeve, brother. cuz fuck anyone who ain;t down. fuck ppl that are gonna get hurt. fuck everyone.

this is my life.

my time.

my fifteen damn minites and imma use em up like the honorary beastie boy that i wish i was.

no i don't have a limo, ten million dollars, and all sorts of bitchs sucking my dick all night long, every day of the fucking week.

but i got me, and i make me proud, and on days liek this, drunk, and high, and happy, and thank the gods, (tho the gods musdt be crazy) and say, "fuck yah, i'me, and noone else is.... HAHAHAHAHAHAH suckers!!!!"

nuf fuckiung said.

LINK: raymi's still so funny.

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