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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

sign job for me this weekend, and i think whitey is gonna roll deep with me... in adelanto. wich is prolly spanish for nowheres-ville.

i think i am so hungry my face os gonna fall off.

memorial day weekend. who cares. whats the difference to me. so i miss out on boozing in hermosa. i wouldn't have gona anyways.

oh man, i should call whitey right now to make sure he's on board for the mission. cuz if he goes, we'll be all the party we need.

plus now we'll both have our skateboards, so after the signs go out, we go out, and see what adelanto is all about.

i'm working for notoriously bitch ass clients this weekend too. the kind that drive around and complain is a sign walker had his hat on crooked. and try and bargain down for a better rpice cuz we should have "been on it" and made sure the dude's hat was straight. ok they're not THAT anal, but... they're gonna make it hell for me i know it.

especially if/when the sale does poorly cuz that adelant spot has had too many sales there recently, and i have a feeling the spot is burnt out.

but when a sale goes shitty, for some reason they love to hate on the sign guys first.

i've been killing it lately though. i bet this super difficult client will love my work. everyone else does.

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