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Monday, May 17, 2004

shitty signwalkers are a dime a dozen. the guy next to me in the picture was not a shitty one though. but he was up the street from a shitty one.

the shitty one was named hector, and i could tell he was gonna be a problem from the jump.

so what happen?? good fucking question.

what fucking happens is that hector fucking disapears.

abotu an hour or so before he was sposed to get picked up by me, i noticed he wasn't on his post, and waited and waited to no avail.

no hector. nowhere.

so i grabbed up his signwalking sign, and picked up all the rest of my guys on time, and drove to his spot with a car load of signwalkers to prove to everyone that i TRIED to find him.

one theory i have is that hector, pictured here, bought beer, got drunk, feel asleep, and eventually got picked up by either border patrol or the cops. both of wich there was a shit load of in hell centro. but who knows. signwalkers can be totally useless.

i just feel bad for the guy (sorta) cuz his ride left without him, and it's a lonnnnnnng walk back to orange county from there. yikes.

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