Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


yes they call me anti. yes it's because i really am anti. everything.

cept when it comes to catching a buzz. hence the tecate.

i keep packing the bong and totally forgetting that i did, and i hold it in my lap for like an hour... lemme smoke this, one sec...

ok, bonghit smoked, and the phone rang... so it appears i have a "laker-date" with these two loverly ladies

and perhaps i'll get carted off to some magazine sponsored party/hipster-hell-ride thing.

i wanna bring my camera and get in everyone's face under the guise that i'm a "freelance journalist", and have them pose for lame pictures

and if i'm REALLY lucky i'll get myself 86'd outta there, like slamming down my hand on the eject button in a
no that's some oldskool polack joke i think.

but yah.... hopefully i'm so drunk by the end of the night i lose something important like my keys or my wallet, or my cell phone. cuz that's how you know it was fun... if you're locked out of your car and your house, with no money, and no way to reach anyone...

sighhhhh... i can't wait!

kenny anderson. chocolate skateboards. + her + and umm... her

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