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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

i'm sitting here knawing away at some oatmeal cookies from 7-11 cuz i already ate the reese's peanut butter stix, and drank the coffee drink thingy, and i would have eaten del taco, but i spent all my money on drinks at the bar on the pier.

tomorrow i leave or el sentro and i'm not exactly doing back flips of joy over here.

no joy at all.

but at least i come back sunday to friends with smiley faces, and act-right pouring out their fucking ears.

btw, i am the devil. mua hahahahahhah

not nvervous bout el centro, just loathing the loniless of being holed up in a butthole town for three days, with not much more to do but signs, and twiddle my thumbs watchign the weather channel in my hotel room, with the air conditioning on so high, your nipples will cut glass.

i am reallllly thinking about staying at the holiday innnn. again. cuz like, my cousin is going signing up the signs in the A. Z. annnnnnnd, he said he's gonna stay at the swank ass sheraton by the metrocenter... me and raymi know allll about sheratons. it's like having a hole the size of the moon in your wallet.

but i just want the holiday inn cuz it has that boardroom thingy, and basically all access internet.


home sweet home.

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