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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

if i'm really nice and kiss some ass, mebbe, just MEBBE.... i'll have some clean clothes for once in my life. if i don't, oh well...

what the fuck ELSE is new.

i'll just continue to buy new underwear and socks every damn time.

anyways, tonight i'm gonna go to downtown LA to do a midnight sign-job mission. my favorite kind.

there's also the second half of my fatty arizona pay check waiting for me. wich is nice. cuz i need that shit right about now.

if i didn't smoke weed i'd be a millionare. i betcha i've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on it since i started the habbit over ten years ago.

if i wasn't so lazy, i'd just sell that shit, and smoke for free.

but selling weed is like a MAJOR pain in the ass. i did it in highschool. and SOMEhow ppl know only to call you up right when you're about to get busy with some shit. ain't that a bitch?

plus when you sell the weed, every once in a while you're stuck with a batch that noone wants to buy, cuz the weed wasn't the bestest bestest. but if you're just buying pot like a normal person, when you get stuck with some less-than-the-greatest weed... you don't have like 2 oz. of it!!!!

nuff said.

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