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Thursday, May 27, 2004

i think some people are just sitting there trying to turn everything into an "attack" on them.

maybe they should just chill out, or read between the lines. or shit, in MY case... quot me accurately. when i say i wasn't talking shit, i always mean it, cuz if i wassss, i'll talk MORE shit. and to your face.

people throw stones in glass houeses cuz it's easier to jump to a reaction. it's comedy in the end. how can you be mad at MEEE, when YOUUU do all the same crap? makes no sense.

hypocracy is a great thing though. imma hypocrate and proud of it. it's waht makes me human. but i think having your head up your ass and being a hypocrate are worlds apart.

here's the other thing i don't get... if i WAS talking shit... who cares? yer gonna come ask me why i was talking shit? hahahah, yah ok. and that is sposed to accomplish what now.... ?

personally, if/when people are talking shit, or telling my friends to keep me on a short leash, or any of that crap.... i just silently remember. i don't get all huffy and confrontational, like some people i know. because i really don't see that solving anything. besides, maybe i'm totally wrong. like that person was about me today.

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