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Thursday, May 13, 2004

i feel the butterflies in my stomach, and i don't know why.

i'm overly prepared for my job this weekend in el centro, but for some reason... i got that damn jittery feeling.

it's prolly a good thing, cuz i'm like READY for shit to happen. for shit to not go right. and for me to be stressing out big time when that fucking happens.

i have 7 signwalkers already lined up, and ready to rock. so i only have to find 3 brand new ones (as of now)

you never really know how fucked you are until it's 15 minutes before you have to have 15 people on 15 different street corners....
and noone showed up for work that day...

but being the sign guys that we are, i know that i'm just being paranoid right now. i can do these sign jobs blindfolded. i'm like a Los Angeles Laker... it's gonna be a struggle, and there'll be obstacles, i don't have home court advantage, but somehow, someway... with teamwork, talent, and know how...

i'm gonna win it all baby.

besides, i think i'm just jittery cuz i have a BRAND NEW fucking skateboard. yes. that's right.

maybe you're a chance reader, or you only check in from time to time, but the bottom line is this: having a skateboard FINALLY, makes me so happy that my heart is going to explode.

now you know.

i fixed raymi's blog + i offered to fix tony's + i also made his way cooler looking.

and here is the current standing of the TO DO LIST

book hotel room for kenneth and i.
buy skateboard
get maps from AAA
secure a fat bag of some stinky death weed
and charge up the cellie with minutes galore.

ehhh.... good nuff.

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