Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, May 10, 2004

i dunno man. i just woke up today, went back to sleep, woke up sorta again, and now i'm like gonna stay awake, and maybe go try and take spy pictures of my friend's cuntbag boss.

my facial hair feels longer than it's ever been.

and i just killed a spider on the wall with my bare palm, and i felt it crunch and pop, and it was kinda gross. but that's what it gets for entering onto my turf.

my psycho religious cousins all think i'm a strung out drug addict. kinda funny. i'm like, "yo, weed? weed's not even a drug, dumbasses." but they insist that i'm out of my mind, and need to find god. it's extremely annoying i must say.

i talk about how pot is so mild, and how hard drugs like speed, and shit EVEN BOOZE are worse than pot. but they say, "oh anti.... you're just splitting hairs..."

they don't understand because they are the ones who are out of their minds. they don't even have minds, they're like little brainless sheep. only a RETARD doesn't know that tweakers suck, tweakers steal, tweakers are fucking disgusting. fuck those fucking glassheads, but.... stoners? pot heads? dude, lay off, we're just annoying and perhaps we move too slow. we ain't no big whup, yo.

and who are they to talk? last time i checked over eating was a sin too. funny how i'm the only skinny one in the family. just my mom and i. and everyone else is a fatass, religious, OVER EATER, who think that their sins aren't as bad as YOUR sins so you're going to hell, and they're gonna play a harp for you in heaven. HAH!!!

see you in hell you self righteous, naive, judgemental, non-thinking little lemmings. cuz there IS NO hell, that's the real joke.

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