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Thursday, May 06, 2004

i basically smoke all my pot outta bongs.

yah there's joints thrown in here-and-there for good measure, but shit... i even got a car bong, so like... even joints and pipe bowls are rare to me.

but i think it's kinda dumb, cuz like, i'm really bad at bong-hitting. of all my friends *I* cough the loudest and the hardest and the longest. bigtanky doesn't even cough. neither does colorado girl.

so my midnight-mission got midnight-cancelled. and instead my laundry is getting done, ALL OF IT, and for the first time in 2004. don't even ask me how it's possible to go that long without getting my clothes cleaned, cuz i have no fucking clue.

i have one slice of pizza left, and it's from bigtanky's cheese half, and it's cold, and gross. just how i like it.

i wish i had ice cream. i never have any ice cream, dammit.

alright... after this cigarette, imma see if the clothes is dry yet.

he lives in so cal. + he does too, but moved from phoenix

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