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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

"hold onto your dreams, don't let nobody tell you to let go..." -Emanon

being happy isn't a dream for me like it used to be. i can find happiness in simple pleasures.

a buzz, getting my foot stuck in just the most comfortable spot on the couch, realizing i had a pint of ice cream i totally forgot to eat cuz i got high that night i bought it.

i get high every night.

did you know it's my birthday coming up (JUNE 7TH MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!) and i'm gonna be 25, and i feel like i know a secret i shouldn't.

like being this young, and knowing how to be this happy is cheating the system.

i have my mom to thank. she's incredible, and taught me so much... but mostly she taught me how to be a man. way more than my dad ever did.

all pops ever showed me was how to screw people over. but then again... i guess that is man-ly enuff, and usefull to know. so whatever.

see that smile i'm rockin in that picture? man that shit can't be faked. and why am i so happy?? i'm glad you asked.

firstly it's NOT cuz i'm a lazy stoner with no ambition. wich might sound like a blatant lie, cuz i AM a stoner and yes... extemely lazy. but by no means am i happy because i simply have aimed so low...

i am happy because i live for every second i have. i do what i want so much more often than what i have to do, it's fucking ridiculous. and i answer to noone but me, and i rubber stamp everything "a-ok".

top that.

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