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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


hey everyone, THIS WEED is sooo nice. unless your a cop or something, cuz then all i have to say is...

this is arregano.

can i make you mad? that's lame if i can.

cuz see... with me.... only *I* make me mad. or a better way to put it, only *i* choose when to be angry. cuz it's a choice. at least it's a choice for people with self control.

rage filled losers are so busy reacting to everything around them that they find upsetting, that they have no real action of their own.

i have heard the arguement that if you don't flip out and lose your temper, you are letting yourself be a door mat.

how are you a door mat for not letting people piss you off? that doesn't mean you have to get taken advantage of... i support sticking up for one's self. but getting pissed off is a "your problem" not a "their problem" cuz the odds are, they feel fucking fabulous!

how is that fair to yourself to let someone acting the fool actually bother YOU? i can't control anything but me, and imma make sure i feel fucking great.

insult me.
try and get one over on me
screw me over
be inconsiderate

it doesn't matter, cuz i'm not gonna get mad. sure i'll alienate you from my life, and definitely i'll get even, but you ain't gonna make me mad. cuz like a wise man once said about "making" someone feel a certain way, "i don't make monkeys, i just see one."

geli loves muscle 68+ RN + N-B-Lame

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