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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


it never fails. 8:30am will be just minutes away, and these damn maintenance men are all prolly scrambling to figure out how they're gona wake me up TODAY.

all last week it was the vacuum cleaner in the hallways. why the fuck do they need to vacuum every morning at 8am for a week straight?

today they were waxing the tile by the elevator. wich is right next to me!!!!

so i hear this sound.... sounds like a chainsaw, and i am ripped out of my bed, and i swing open my front door...

and there he is. this mexican dude, with some floor polisher looking thing, literally polishing the spot that would normally be under my welcome mat (if i HAD a welcome mat) THAT CLOSE TO ME!!!!! like his little polisher was bumping my front door!

so i slammed the door in his face, and proceeded to get ambushed by a million wrong number phone calls. i am so sick of being one digit off from the south bay animal hospital.

then my messenger on my computer starts going off, "DINNGA LINGA LINGGGG"

maybe i should start going to bed prior to 5am.

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