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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

from what my amigo the viking tells me. his perpetual drama-fest with his ex is finally ending. like FOR reals. like...

like... they made up enough to shake hands, not hold ill will or harbor hate, and she's fixin to move to the northwest of america with a new man that will perhaps bring her happiness... and....

i like that.

after all the restraining orders, violent acts caught on video tape, blackmail, jealousy traps, couple therapy, cheating, incredible lies that went unknown forEVER, and an odd resentment for eachother....

resentment... if for nothing more than being stupid for eachother....

sometimes shit can't work cuz it wasn't sposed to be. maybe there's too much baggage too fast in the relationship. Passive Agression, and the ability to hate the person you love so much... because they are now an extension of yourself, and it's easier to tell the person you love the most hurtful things on fucking porpose with a motive of trying to crush them and make them really feeeeeel some pain. just like it's easy to beat your-fucking-self up for dumbass no big things that you do. like, "fuckkkkkK!!!! i can't believe what an idiot i am, i forgot to bring that extra bottle of jager to the party!" but like say it's a friend of a friend in your car... and THEY forgot the jager, you're like, "well whuuutevs, hombre.... dirtbags like us got no worries" and then commence the high five. but you best believe that stupid-bitch girlfriend who should KNOW better, fucking forGOTTTT (gasp! ????) the jager?! the JAGERRRR???!!!" and of course commence the rest of the night you being a mad-madison and her being a fucking anoyed to high hell (and justifiedidly so) undeserving girl that you fucking SEEE as an extention of yourself. get it? get me?

so if you made it this far thru the ramble you deserve to hear what my point is. and it is THIS. we all know that some relationships (sad but true) are ultimately (for a million potential reasons on BOTH parties fault) DOOOMED!!! but... that doesn't mean that both parties didn't truly LOVE eachother as best as each of them possibly could, and it DOES mean that everyone just being nice and getting over the fact so much drama has gone down is FUCKING AWESOME.

kickass. sorta makes you wanna braid some hemp and bang out a bongo in the corner of a jungle drum and bass club. i mean, not really at all, but for lack of a better analogy.

tony linking you in this style on one of his posts is like a award
my girl kitty told me that she thought my blogging has been great lately. wich blows me down croming from such a NAMEDROP worthy source
and meltingdolls is back home safe and sound and alive. telling me tails of backstage wonders at coachella, and winging it knwoing nobody and fiding hotel status, ppl from her town, and a ride from two hours away to LAX. i hope she writes about it soon.

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