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Thursday, April 08, 2004

what do you do when the truck crashes into a pole, and get's all stuck and hung up on the pole, and it was all because you were sleeping in the truck and got woken up by the promoter telling you that one of the sign walkers was sleeping, and was boning out to fucking catch their ass goofing off?????

you fire their ass. that's right.

and we did.

so the truck, not my truck, will be caput for tomorrow, and i'm gonna wrestle the job alone-ski, with my truck.

this is why we hate the sign walkers. because if it weren't for their dumb asses, you could do the sign job blind folded, and one handed.

you figure, "i'll get out of the car, and show them exactly where i need them to stand so the cars can see their sign, and they'll NOT be able to fuck it up." well drive a lap around the block, and shit your pants when they're on the WRONG FUCKING CORNER!@!@(*YE!@#*(Y!@HH!@#)*(!&@#$*&!E

or holding the sign upside down, whuuutever. it's always something.

most of the sign walkers know enough to kiss our asses and shit, THEY SHOULD, but the mouthy ones never last, and this one's gone for good. bitch even had the balls to moth off to the promoter.... i thought the viking was gonna hit her with the car. but hitting the pole was bad enough as it was.

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