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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, April 12, 2004

vincent's and jule's work relationship reminds me of that of two fellow sign guys.

like me and lloyd. me and jessie. me and the viking. whuuutever.

we stroll around, shooting the shit, waxing philosophic on such topics as, "why's this town got no 7-11's?"

but it's like we're here with this job to do. it's a dirty job... ect, ect, ect. i say "fuck it yo, i'm street, i can hang" and do my thang, and not trip out about cops or or sign haters.

sheeeeee-it, you already know, don'cha boss?

i also like that in pulp fiction vincent resides in redondo-fucking-beach, yo. and the wolf called it "the sticks" ...and it fucking is, man. i'm like 15 minutes from the nearest freeway. for LA... that's bloody murder, man.

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