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Saturday, April 17, 2004

this looks EXACTLY like the puppy i found today while i was sign jobbing in the valley.

i actually signwalked today, cuz i was one worker short, and decided fuck it, i'll make their money on top of my money. and i did.

but at some point this puppy came out of nowhere and jumped up to me, i think he knew i was cool or something. and he totally hung out with me for most of my shift.

he was so good, and listend when i told him what to do, i even took him in my truck with me on my break.

but i know i can't keep him, but i wanted to rescue him, cuz he was gonna get his ass killed in traffic if it wasn't for me already.

a nice enough looking family in a white truck eventually asked me, "is that yer dawg, ese?"

i told them no, and that he needs a home, and is very nice, and will get his lil ass killed if someone doesn't help. and i was secretly sad to see him go, and i WAS gonna take him home if i didn't find nice enough looking family, but sign... i can't save the fucking world. EVEN THOUGH that puppy would prolly have made me so fucking happy. (deep sigh)

they asked what his name was, i told them "fuckhead".

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