Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

so yah, the rollercoaster ride of emotions that we all know as anti, hit a low today.

nothing too dramatic, or anything. i'm not trippin... just feeling less important right now. less important than i know i am.

sometimes it's a hard burden to walk into my lonely empty house... to walk in here knowing that there's people who love me out there. people who want to be with me... smiling...

people that get to see me are fucking lucky. whitey laughed when i told him that, but he agreed. and the people who have me on their side are ten times luckier, because i am loyal, protective, forgiving, and i will stomp the breath out of anything that poses a threat. i'm the hattori-hanzo-sword of friends. superior to the rest. bar none.

i view friends very differently these days. i see myself sorta like a football coach... picking out the best people for my "team" and sorry, not eveyone makes the cut. SOMEbody's got to get dropped. in fact, this team ain't even got room for bench warmers... so get yer ass OUTTA HERE.

i derno... i feel less unimportant now. typing dribble always seems to help.

i don't need any cheerleaders in my section... i'm all i need.

taking it back to sports analogies.... for me life is one giant "away game". but i barely hear the booing anymore.

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