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Monday, April 05, 2004

so much shit has happened and i'm gonna tell it all.

i worked two different sign jobs, one in the valley, and one in rancho cucamonga. if you live in rancho cucamonga, you are a rancho cucamongian.

and so the sign job in the valley forced me to buy a totally sleazy 7-11 cell phone. yes i bought a cell phone at 7-11, so fucking what? anyways, it's cool and works most importantly.

friday night i skateboarded!! i was lucky enough to borrow a skate, and my legs are still sore.

now onto the inland empire. where the viking an i fucking killed it. except today we had the most problems... we were already a signwalker short (we needed 15 we had 14) and then we saw chino drinking a beer. so we had to fire his ass before he could even start. it's kinda weird, but it makes total sense... you can do any drugs you want, smoke weed, snort speed, whatever... but if you drink on the job AT ALLL, you're instantly fired with no pay. the reason is because the booze makes people retarded, and a liability. drunks have done everything from fall on their head for no reason, to wandering in traffic, and fucking taking a nap in the bushes. and chino is a regular signwalker, so he fucking knows better.

BUT we ran out of time and had to hire two drunks, oddly enough, off the freeway offramps, but they promised not to drink anymore till after work, and only one of them made it all the way thru. the drunker of the two replacement-guys fucking disapeared actually. so whatever, we kept his money and had lunch at applebees.

so, i usually only work three days in a row, with four days off, but i'm glad i worked the last 5 days, maybe i'll have some duckets to fucking splurge on pointless shit with.

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