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Thursday, April 08, 2004

old picture.
so it's three AM in the morning on a thursday, and i've been up and working since 6am wednesday.

i'm working hard, and keeping up the stanima. there's light at the end of the tunnel. and i'm slowly getting rich in the process.

maybe i'll travel, maybe to santa cruz.

but what i know for sure is this. i love working non stop.

it's fun, i mean... i make it fun. and so does the viking. so yah, i'm sitting here in no. ho. and we're both all wound up from installing sings all night in covina, and tomorrow we're off to wilmington, and man... i'm in so deep with the signs i need a straw to breath.

welp, imma stroll outside to have a night cap cigarette, since i can't smoke inside here, and listen to howard stern until my eyes shut.

i wanna be drinking a mai tai and hitting up the hot tub by the time work is over. THINK PALM TREES

and btw. fuck traveling. people need to come to me.

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