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Monday, April 05, 2004

my friends are the best.

they're all burly and crazy and make me laugh like milk was coming out of my nose. but i'm usually not drinking milk, but tap water coming out of my nose sounded odd.

i got the weed guy on his way over here, and i've been watching that movie Repo Man like it was on loop

i hate when my phone rings. i get this really annoyed feeling, like, "what is it THIS time?!?!" and i get all impatient and huffy.

and for some reason i get ten million wrong numbers a day. i think it might be due to the fact that my number starts with 379, but there's 376, and 374, and 372, and people just mix them up all damned day. but mostly on mondays for some weird reason.

i bought this downstem for my bong when bunny was out here visiting los angeles, and i don't think i'm down with it. the hole is too big and my hits aren't all milky like the way i want them to be.

the weed guy just called and says he has two kinds. the regular priced/regular quality, or the super fucking pooper scooper for a zillion dollars.

yes... i'm gonna blow my wad on the pricey shit. but only cuz i know where to put my priorities.

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