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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

isn't it a cray to the zee coincidence that the robbery scene in pulp fiction took place geograghically within such fucking close proximity to my own personal robbery story?

that scene was shot at the hawthorne cafe, on hawthorne bouylevard, in the city of hawthorne... literally a few blocks from where the guy pulled the gun on me at hawthorne savings, on hawthorne boulevard, in the fine city of hawthorne.

maybe something about hawthorne just screams give me your money, but from what i know, you can get jacked any and everywhere in LA. even ppl i know from detroit think LA is straight crazy for crime, and you practically need an AK-47 to even walk down the street in fucking detroit.

i grew up here in LA. went to grade school in hollywood. cheramoya elementary on franklin. and one thing has been constant all my life about the place... watch yer fucking backson, jackson.

from venice beach to san pedro to long beach and back up to north hollywood... it's all ghetto in the end. and most importantly... FUCK HAWTHORNE.

what sucks most is the random-ness of it all. it's not like you can have a full proof plan to avoid getting robbed, cuz even locking yourself in your house might not prevent a home invasion robbery like the one that hapened to my friend dave. they broke in with guns a blazing and hog tied his girl friend and his roommate when they saw dave leave his apartment in (yep, you guessed it) the fine fine city of hawthorne.

my outlook is this, why fucking trip out about the what if's. if you let those get the best of you, you'll suffocate.

all one can do is stroll like they ain't got a fear in the world, and when the fucking crazy brittish couple whip out their guns and demand your wallet....
just hope yours is the one that says bad mother fucker on it.

RBC + colorado girl + my robbery story

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