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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

i like staying in hotels. i hate wasting the money on em for the most part, cuz i'm more than content with sleeping and living in my truck... but once i give in, and get myself a room... it's just fucking nice.

it's how i get new clean towels really. i bring an extra empty suitcase just to load up with towels and pillows and alarm/clock/radios, and rolls of toilet paper that i hijack off of the maids little clean-up, push-cart, thing-thang.

i've stayed at that red roof inn on 51st and McDowell in west phoenix like a million times. even me and raymi stayed there together once on a sign job. but this last time was the first time i got a room on the first floor. i am now a big fan of first floor hotel rooms. elevators are for losers.

i love that the red roof inn's continental breakfast consisted of two empty coffe thingies. and that they don't even give you shampoo, just a thin ass bar of soap.

i always take the bed closest to the AC unit, cuz i am a hot blooded freak, and NEED that shit on at all times. supposedly it's hot outside today here in LA, but i refuse to put on clothes, or go out of my house until i absolutely have to.

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