Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

i guess i'm running on literally NO money. the getting paid part of the job is never fast enough. but that's any/every job i ever had. when i DO get the small fortune that i worked my ass off to earn... be sure i will be fucking smiling ear to ear.i still have all the arizona signs in my truck, and i wanna get a car wash. i've wanted my car washed for weeks. some thing or anouther always swoops in, and makes me too busy.

i hate that.

everyone pulling and tugging and everyone wants their pound of flesh, "why don't you have time for me?" shit i don't have time for me anymore. i DO... but just enough to kick off my shoes, check my email, take a bong hit, write a blog post... and POW, i'm sucked back in the the real world. where everything is so much noisier than here. HERE all i can hear is the hum of my machine, and the clickity clack of the keyboard.

music to my ears.

i spilled the bong for the millionth time, and it reeks in here. bongwater is the devil.

Shambalor: im looking at People's most beautiful people
BigBadAnti: am i on there?
Shambalor: and jennifer aniston was number one. is she pretty?
BigBadAnti: no.
Shambalor: cuz I never thought so
BigBadAnti: i'm prettier.
BigBadAnti: i like her ass though.
BigBadAnti: nice ass.
Shambalor: huh. i never looked at it
BigBadAnti: she's hot for an older broad, i guess.
BigBadAnti: kinda lame style
BigBadAnti: too preppy
BigBadAnti: but whaevs
BigBadAnti: i'd fuck her.
Shambalor: her face looks like a man. and so does penelope cruz. if you cut off all of penelope cruz's hair, she'd look like a starving little spanish man
BigBadAnti: like a homie
Shambalor: complete with moustache
BigBadAnti: and poncho

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